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    Product categoryprice summary of xindacheng mechanical punching machine

    Summary of product types and prices of mechanical punching machines (April 2021)

    Serial number ﹣ classification ﹣ equipment name ﹣ model ﹣ work position ﹣ sales price

    1 ﹣ pipe punching machine ﹣ unit 63 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-rob63-a ﹣ 1 ﹣ 3300

    2 ﹣ two position 63 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-2rob63-a ﹣ 2 ﹣ 5500

    Three position 80 cylinder pipe punching machine xc2-rob80-a 7500

    4 ﹣ two position 100 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-2rob100-a ﹣ 8500

    5 ﹣ three position 63 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-3rob63-a ﹣ 3 ﹣ 7000

    6 ﹣ three position 80 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-3rob80-a ﹣ 9000

    7 ﹣ three position 100 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-3rob100-a ﹣ 9800

    8 ﹣ four position 63 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-4rob63-a ﹣ 4 ﹣ 9000

    9 ﹣ four position 80 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-4rob80-a ﹣ 10500

    10 ﹣ four position 100 cylinder pipe punching machine ﹣ xc-4rob100-a ﹣ 11500

    11. Pipe 45 degree angle of attack machine xc-gc45-a 1 12000

    12 ﹣ hydraulic punch ﹣ two cylinder flat punch ﹣ xc-2gymcc-a ﹣ 2 ﹣ 14500

    13 ﹣ three cylinder combined keyhole punch ﹣ xc-3gskcc-a ﹣ 9 die ﹣ 24800

    14 ﹣ four cylinder flat punch ﹣ xc-4gymcc-a ﹣ 4 ﹣ 22800

    15 CNC punching machine ﹣ two cylinder tube CNC punching machine ﹣ xc-skcc80-b1 ﹣ 2 die ﹣ 40000

    16 XC-SKCC100-B1 46000

    17 XC-SKCC125-B1 56000

    18 ﹣ two cylinder CNC punching machine ﹣ xc-skcc80-c1 ﹣ 42000

    19 XC-SKCC100-C1 48000

    20 XC-SKCC125-C1 58000

    21 ﹣ three cylinder angle iron CNC punch ﹣ xc-sdjd125-a ﹣ 1 die ﹣ 69000

    22 XC-SDJD160-A 98000

    23 ﹣ four cylinder CNC blanking integrated punch ﹣ xc-skdq100-a ﹣ 2 die ﹣ 68000

    24 XC-SKDQ125-A 88000

    25 ﹣ four cylinder CNC punching machine ﹣ xc-4msk80-c ﹣ 1 die ﹣ 65000

    26 ﹣ CNC five cylinder pipe punch ﹣ xc-5gsk125-a ﹣ 125000

    27 ﹣ six cylinder angle iron CNC punch ﹣ xc-6gsk125-a ﹣ 2 die ﹣ 110000

    28 CNC flat iron rolling press xc-btsk-a 95000

    Summary of types of mechanical punching dies (April 2021)

    1 ﹣ pipe punching die ﹣ 32 ﹣ angle of attack die / set

    2.33-50 square angle of attack die

    3.51-80 square angle of attack die

    4 ﹣ 32 ﹣ mould / set

    5. Medium mold / component

    6. Inserts / components

    7 ﹣ 33-51 square mould / set

    8. Medium module / component

    9. Inserts / components

    10 ﹣ 52-70 square mould / set

    11. Medium module / component

    12. Inserts / components

    Punching needle within 13-25 square meters / piece

    14 ﹣ 26-35

    15 NC punching die, less than 32 square circle, 2 in 1 / set

    16. Medium module / component

    17. Middle die insert / part

    18. Bottom insert

    19 ﹣ 33-51 square and round ﹣ two in one / set

    20 ﹣ medium mold / component

    21. Middle die, bottom insert / part

    22. Two in one blinds / set

    23. Punching tool / middle die / part

    24. Middle die, bottom insert / part

    25 ﹣ 52-70 sq. ﹣ single pipe mold / set

    26. Medium module / component

    27. Middle die, bottom insert / part

    Punching needle within 28-25 square meters / piece


    30 ﹣ 32 square punching and cutting single pipe die / set

    31. Cutting knife / piece

    32. Medium module / component

    33. Inserts / components

    34 ﹣ 33-50 square piercing and cutting single pipe die / set

    35. Cutting knife / piece

    36. Medium module / component

    37. Inserts / components

    38 ﹣ 51-80 square piercing and cutting single pipe die / set

    39. Cutting knife / piece

    40 ﹣ medium mold / parts

    41. Inserts / components

    42 ? 6 ? angle steel punching two faces / cutting ﹥ one piece die / set

    43 # 10 # angle steel punching two faces / cutting

    45 ﹣ lock hole die ﹣ 24 * 240 / 30 * 240 main lock ﹣ 1 set

    46. Punching of locking tongue

    47. Locking tongue molding

    48? Panel

    49. Countersunk hinge

    50 ° bolt

    51. Pay lock

    52 five holes

    53. Mounting hole

    54.7% Bian

    55 Tian Di Kong

    56. Trademarks

    57. Two sets of pulling die

    58. Pull piece 3 in 1 set

    59 * 30 * 388 / 40 * 388 main lock

    60 ﹣ punching of lock tongue

    61. Tongue molding

    62 ﹣ 45 degree angle cutting die with 100 inner edge

    63 ﹣ 45 degree angle cutting die wrapping 101-125

    64 ﹣ 45 degree angle cutting die edge wrapping 126-150

    There are two sets of angle cutting die with 65 ﹥ 45 degree and over 150

    66. Fire door master lock 1 set

    67. Punching of fire door lock tongue

    68. Forming of fireproof door lock tongue

    69. Main lock of toilet door

    70. Latch hole of toilet door lock

    71. Main lock of integral door

    72. Integral door latch

    73 double hinge

    74. Parallel die

    75 ﹣ lock hole die accessories ﹣ 24 * 240 / 30 * 240 main lock ﹣ upper / lower die ﹣ 1 piece

    76. Punching of locking tongue

    77. Locking tongue molding

    78 ﹣ upper / lower die

    79. Countersunk hinge

    80 ﹣ bolt upper / lower die

    81. Lock

    82 five hole upper / lower die

    83. Mounting hole

    84.7% Bian

    85 Tian Di Kong

    86. Trademarks

    87 ﹣ drawing die ﹣ upper / lower die

    88. Pull tab in one

    89 ﹣ 30 * 388 / 40 * 388 main lock ﹣ upper / lower die

    90 ﹣ punching of lock tongue

    91. Locking tongue molding

    92. Upper / lower die of main lock of fire door

    93. Punching of fire door lock tongue

    94. Forming of fireproof door lock tongue

    95 ﹣ toilet door main lock ﹣ upper knife / lower mold

    96. Latch hole of toilet door lock

    97 ﹣ upper / lower die for main lock of integral door

    98. Integral door latch

    99 ﹣ double fold hinge ﹣ upper / lower die

    100 μ m along the die

    Classification name model unit

    Circuit display: MCGS tpc7062hi 7 inch display

    Touch tg-765-xt-c 7 inch screen

    Xinjie 10 inch screen

    The main motor is less than 2.2kW






    Servo motor 0.75kw (ms-80ste-2430b-20p7)


    Reducer plf090-l1-10-s2-p2

    Stepping motor sl86s280a1

    Cutting motor


    PLC ﹣ xc-32t-e ﹣ PCs



    Servo driver: ds2-20p7-as

    Step driver sl2690da driver

    PLC communication line: DVP 3.5m

    Six servo communication lines (cp-dp-a-07)

    Servo power line: cm-p07-07 6M

    12 sets of contact commutators

    Overload protection device: Tengen tgr1-18


    Foot switch jl-t4


    Foot microswitch


    Square proximity switch pl-05na-24 V-5 mm 3.5 m

    Pl05-n-24 V-5 mm 2 m

    Round proximity switch: pr18-8n-24 V-8 mm 6 m



    Intermediate relay: cncj JQX-13F

    CHNT J2X-22F/4Z


    Time relay: dh48s-s

    Intermediate relay base


    Time relay base: 2-m4x20

    air switch


    Fuse Tengen rt18-32

    500 mm LED tubes

    Control button: switch, emergency stop, operation, etc

    Switching power supply: Delta pmt-24v50w2ba

    Electric box two position electric box

    Three position electric box

    Double position electric box

    Double position electric box

    Upper middle lower power box

    Air circuit: > 40x35

    Air pipe joint (bsl-01)

    Elbow joint (pv-08)

    Tee joint (pe-08)

    Gas pipe switch (whvff8)

    Quick gas pipe connector (wpc8-02)

    Elbow external thread (wpl8-02)

    Pneumatic pressure gauge: afc-2000

    Pneumatic solenoid valve coil


    Pneumatic solenoid valve ﹥ 4v210-08 ﹥ pieces

    Oil circuit oil cylinder 63 engineering oil cylinder support

    80 engineering cylinder

    100 engineering cylinder

    125 engineering cylinder

    150 engineering cylinder

    Oil pump cbt-g314








    Solenoid valve: dsg-03-3c2-220a-dl




    Oil circuit solenoid valve lamp cap


    Pressure regulating valve mpcv-03-p-3b


    Pressure gauge


    Air cooling unit: ah1417t

    - house 602 6-2 60MPa (475)

    HOSE 602 6-2 60MPa(640)

    HOSE 602 10-2 40MPa(370)

    HOSE 602 10-2 40MPa(520)

    HOSE 602 13-2 40MPa(2100)

    HOSE 602 13-2 40MPa(1650)

    HOSE 602 13-2 40MPa(1400)

    HOSE 602 13-2 40MPa(1300)

    HOSE 602 13-2 40MPa(990)

    HOSE 602 13-2 38MPa(830)

    HOSE 602 13-2 36MPa(790)

    HOSE 602 13-2 36MPa(630)

    HOSE 602 13-2 36MPa(630)

    HOSE 602 13-2 36MPa(615)

    HOSE 602 13-2 36MPa(320)

    HOSE 602 19-1 19MPa(620)

    HOSE 602 19-1 15MPa(300)

    HOSE 602 19-2 25MPa(670)

    HOSE 602 19-2 25MPa(680)

    HOSE 602 19-2 25MPa(1350)

    HOSE 602 19-2 36MPa(470)

    HOSE 602 25-2 21MPa(455)

    HOSE 602 25-2 21MPa(625)

    HOSE 602 32-1 10MPa(680)

    Other accessories - cylinder head


    Slide opening slider hgw25cc

    Table feeding roller 25x125

    Roller of feeding frame: ﹥ 50 * 600 ﹥ pieces

    Cutting shield


    Saw blade 275x1.6x32 pieces



    Pipe clamp lining




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